BIMA @ WINCON 2023 with 40 others representatives from around the world gathered in Lisbon to share, learn and celebrate the unity, richness and diversity that define us.


  • WIN: A Year in Review
    with Noemí Planas and Nerea Serrano (WIN)
  • Charting The Path: The Global Independent Values
    with Zena White (Partisan Records, USA), Mark Kitcatt (Everlasting Records, Spain) and Oliver Knust (IMICHILE, Chile)
  • Performance Rights Spotlight: Collecting Society Updates
    with Jeffrey Chiang (Fluxus Inc., Korea), Gord Dimitrieff (Aporia Records, Canada), Engin Akinci (BMYD), Helen Smith (IMPALA, Europe) and Rob Gruschke (Beggars Group, Netherlands)
  • The interaction of Generative AI and the Recorded Music Industry
    with Tak Yamazaki (IMCJ, Japan), Tony Kiewel (Sub Pop Record, USA) and Gee Davy (AIM, UK)
  • Leading Change Through Policymaking
    with Silvia Montello (AIM, UK), Sandra Rodrigues (ABMI, Brazil), Andrew Cash (CIMA, Canada) and Richard Burgess (A2IM, USA)
  • ISRC & Metadata: Get It Right to Get Paid
    with Noemí Planas (WIN) and Sergio Silva (AMAEI, Portugal)
  • Connecting Independents: WINHUB and Other Community Solutions
    with Nerea Serrano (WIN) and Sonia Durán (UFi, Spain)
  • Expanding Horizons: Meet the Independents from India, Paraguay & Bulgaria
    with Sridhar Swaminathan (SIMCA, India), Lucas Toriño (AMI PY, Paraguay) and
    Ruth Koleva (ANMIP, Bulgaria)
  • The Digital Value Chain in Latin America
    with Cristóbal Dañobeitia (OLMI)

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