Independent label and distributor survey

We invite members & all belgian independent labels & distributors to participate to this survey to be able to share data on the contribution of the belgian independent sector to the global recorded music market.

Please drop an email to when its done.

About Midia :

MIDiA is fielding its annual independent label and distributor survey. This is the chance for the independent sector to have its voice heard. Given all of the changes that are taking place in the streaming economy, there has perhaps never been a more important time for this. In the survey, we ask about topics such as two-tier licensing, artist cut through, AI, catalogue and marketing.

All participants will get a copy of the final report so you can get a definitive view of how the wider independent marketplace is performing and how it is responding to today’s market challenges and opportunities.

Crucially, all of the data is treated as strictly confidential. We never share respondent level data with anyone and we only use the respondent level data to create the aggregate market figures. This means your company-level responses are not seen by anyone else.

MIDiA has fielded this survey for years now and have been trusted with their data by many hundreds of labels and distributors.