Music Move Europe Awards // Invitation to recommend Artist

Music Moves Europe Awards 2025: Invitation to Recommend Artist

BIMA is on board as one of the professional recommenders for MME Awards 2025!
MMEA are doing their best to map out all the emerging and trending acts from across Europe.
So we need your recommandation (Max one per member)

The two main qualifiers for the Music Moves Europe Awards that you should think about when recommending artists are

  1. Active outside their home country; we want to see activity across Europe or even worldwide. This applies to live shows, streaming or airplay.
  2. We are searching for acts that are still emerging/didn’t break yet; the idea is that MME Awards give the 15 nominees every year a push in their career.

The nominated artists will be presented in the autumn. The winners will be selected by the jury and revealed at the ESNS festival in January 2025. 7 winners will receive 10.000,- EUR each to take their career to the next stage.

Please send us your recommendation before Friday, May 31st !
Send one artist name + social links to

Detailed Recommendation Criteria:

  • We ask you to recommend artist from Belgium 🙂
  • You can only recommend artists whose debut EP/album was not released more than 36 months ago and/or in the past 60 months did not release more than 5 singles in a collection larger than 2 songs.
  • The artist did not participate in the Eurovision song contest.