Reserve your .music domain

As you may remember, a few years ago, IMPALA and other music associations supported the idea of a community led approach for the registration of .MUSIC domain names. The consortium backed by the music industry to run these community names has now started to take registrations.

You can directly contact the team at my.MUSIC to reserve and protect your names during an initial free Priority Period, which ends on May 24, 2024. This means that the domain registration is free for the first year, after which the renewal price will be set by the interested member and my.MUSIC.

For interested BIMA members, Email my.MUSIC at with your list of names and mention IMPALA.

You can click here for more details about the offer. Here is a video link that explains the value of verified .MUSIC domain name, as well as a deck attached for an overview of .MUSIC.

Of course, we would advise to make sure you are happy with the terms before commiting.

The team at my.MUSIC will follow up with BIMA directly to help with any clarification needs and answer any questions.

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