New Challenges of Digital Distribution

The democratization of music distribution has transformed the way music is created, distributed, and consumed, offering both challenges and opportunities for independent players in the music industry. This session aims to explore the new dynamics of digital music distribution and provide valuable insights for music industry players seeking to adapt to this new environment.

From 2pm to 5pm on Friday 07th, 2024

Waar : Chez PIAS
Rue Saint-Laurent 36-38
1000 Brussels

Quentin Martins //
MERLIN Senior Manager
Mathieu Gheysen //
WINAMP Chief Business
Michel Lambot //
Geert De Blaere //

Session 1: The revolution in music distribution
This session will examine the evolution of music distribution, streaming platforms and social networks on the visibility and remuneration of independent labels. More specifically, it will explore Merlin’s role in this revolution, presenting the major challenges of digital distribution and the organisation’s missions, with testimonials from independent labels/distributors using Merlin’s services on a daily basis.

Session 2: Challenges and opportunities for independent labels
This session will explore challenges faced by independent labels and highlight emerging opportunities in an ever-changing music landscape. Participants will share their experiences and advices on how to succeed in this competitive field, It will present factors that influence visibility on DSPs and new tools to improve catalogue remuneration.